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President's message
President's profile
Fast Facts
Brief History
Warm like a family, comfortable like a friend. This is promise of KLAC!
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Headquarter Local Offices  




Main duty & Services


Strategy & Planning Team

Law suit proposal, litigation related works, Long term policy making, placement of member lawyers & public service

Legal aid Management Team

Management of articles of association and code of conduct, Management of counseling case and legal documents, management of the board of director

Human Resource Team

Assessment of an employee's performance, supervision of service regulation, employee education

General Administration Team

Documentation, events & ceremony execution, facility management

Finance & Accounting Team

Execution of budget, balancing, payroll, fund operation, resource allocation

Budgeting & Policy Team

Planning & adjustment of policies and budget, complication of budget and execution, cooperation with legal aid sponsor organizations, examine an internal and external plicy

Management Information Team

Support for organizational guideline and management innovation, evaluation for projects in progress, organization for information & communication system

Public Relations Department

Public relations, publications, survey, law-abiding operation

Auditing Department

Internal audit, external audit, inspection, participating various auctions

Korea Legal Aid Corporation #1703-10, Seocho-dong, SeoCho-ku, Seoul