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Legal Advice
What is the Legal Aid System?
What will Our Corporation do?
Who is eligible to Legal Aid?
The Scope of Legal Aid Cases
How to apply for Legal Aid
Free Legal Aid Cases
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The Scope of Legal Aid Cases
  • - Civil cases (ex. overdue wages, loan, and damage) & Family cases (ex. divorce, distribution of   marital property).

  • - Compensation cases against the Government under the National Compensation Act.

  • - individual rehabilitation, bankruptcy & immunity cases.

  • - Criminal cases (ex. theft, robbery).

  • - Nominated cases for sexually abused children, victim of sexual violence

  • - Administrative Review & Judicial Review cases under the Administrative Act, involving driver's   license, business license, etc.
      (Administrative review is limited to the cases pending on such Committees of Prime Minister, Cities,   and Provinces.)

  • - Adjudication on Constitutional Complaint against the infringement of constitutional fundamental   rights.

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