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Legal Advice
What is the Legal Aid System?
What will Our Corporation do?
Who is eligible to Legal Aid?
The Scope of Legal Aid Cases
How to apply for Legal Aid
Free Legal Aid Cases
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Home > Legal Aid > Who is eligible to Legal Aid?
Who is eligible to Legal Aid?

  •    - Domestic citizen, foreign resident in Korea with average monthly income under 125% of      standard median income

       * The term "standard median income" means the median value of the national household      income publicly notified by the Minister of health and welfare through deliberation and      resolution of the central livelihood security committee in order to utilize it as one of criteria,      etc. for benefits

  •    - Farmer, Stockbreeder, Fisherman, Shipping or Trucking Worker under the Fisheries Act

  •    - Recipient of Basic Livelihood Security, Basic Old-age Pensioner

  •    - Disabled Person, Minor Orphan who is a family head, Sheltered Child

  •    - National Meritorious Person, Patriot of National Foundation & Independence, 5.18 Democratic      Citizen of Merit

  •    - War Veteran, Victim of Defoliant Sequela, Veteran of Special Mission Commando

  •    - Person injured in Righteous Behavior and his family, the bereaved family of a righteous person

  •    - Military Veteran discharged from mid- or long-term service not eligible for military pension

  •    - Worker or Alien Worker with average monthly income under 4 mil.won, whose wages are      overdue*

  •    - Seaman under the Seamen Law, with unpaid wage/ retirement benefits/ compensations for      casualty or disaster*

  •    - Applicant for individual rehabilitation/bankruptcy & immunity*

  •    - Victim of Domestic or Sexual Violence, including female alien

  •    - Victim of school violence

  •    - Multi-cultural Family by marriage immigration or naturalization

  •    - Single-parent Family

  •    - Person without Family Register

  •    - Crime Victim (the damages by someone's criminal act only; the damages on real property      incurred by traffic accident is not included)*

  •    - Refugee-Resident who escaped from North Korea

  •    - Merchant, Industrialist of small-scale business with average monthly income under under 125%      of standard median income*

  •    - Tobacco Retailor with average monthly income under under 125% of standard median income      

  •    - Beneficiary of the Social Solidarity Bank

  •    - Military Officer below the rank of captain*

  •    - Consumer suffering damage from the use of goods and services*

  •    - The Claimant for whom the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Korea appoints our legalaid      lawyer or public-service advocate as a court-appointed counsel*

  •    - The Person for whom the court decided to grant litigation-aid services; litigation-aid order only      for lawsuit costs (ex. stamp tax) is not legally aided*

  •    - The Defendant or Suspect for whom the court appoints our legal-aid lawyer or public-service      advocate for criminal defense

  •    - And others, including foreign residents, who are poor and short of legal knowledge, thus unable      to seek a legal relief or justice

  •    * [is] not eligible to criminal cases

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