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Legal Advice
What is the Legal Aid System?
What will Our Corporation do?
Who is eligible to Legal Aid?
The Scope of Legal Aid Cases
How to apply for Legal Aid
Free Legal Aid Cases
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What will Our Corporation do?

Free Legal Advice & Counseling

We provide free legal advice to everyone on legal matters in general, concerning civil, family, criminal and administrative legal issues. You may use the following avenues for advice or information.

  •   - Visit your nearest Legal Aid Office for face-to-face advice.
  •   - Call us on the nationwide Hot Line‘ 132’without area code.
        International call, 82-54-810-0132
        Video phone for sign language, 070-7947-7132
  •   - Visit our website (http://www.klac.or.kr) for on-line advice.
  •   - By mail or e-mail.

Minor Legal Assistance for Free Legal Forms and Documents

We help you to prepare legal forms and documents such as complaints, briefs, and provisional seizure for monetary issues of less 10 million won, and in which the case is simple or self-evident; for example, with written evidence of a loan contract.

Legal representation for civil, family law cases, and others

When we determine that legal representation is necessary, our staff lawyers and public-service advocates represent the cases referred from the stages of legal advice and legal aid assessment, or civil complaints transferred from the Office of the President and the Anti-Corruption & Civil Rights Commission, etc.

Free Criminal Defense Service

We offer free representation for criminal cases of custody, detention, imprisonment, or for the cases referred to criminal court or juvenile court for a trial or a retrial nominated case for sexually abused children, victim of sexual violence
※ Expenses, such as bail payments (i.e., deposit money by bail order) and bail-bond fees, are     not free.

Legal Education Programs and Campaigns

We also provide Law lectures for the public, including itinerant programs at local centers, Nonghyup Bank, labor offices, correctional institutions, etc., and perform surveys and research for the development of legal-aid systems.

Korea Legal Aid Corporation #1703-10, Seocho-dong, SeoCho-ku, Seoul